Slide PRE-MARKETING • Analysis of the pharmaceutical firm's product portfolio

• Selection of products to suit the target markets

• Market study for the products selected

• Sales forecasting

• Guideline price defined for the products selected
REGULATORY ASPECTS • Monitoring of trademark registration

• Assessment of the Health Authority registration requirements with the pharmaceutical firm's Regulatory Department

• Obtaining and handling local marketing authorisations
Slide DISTRIBUTION • Creation of centralised stocks in Europe (France)

• Selection and monitoring of local importers and/or wholesalers

• Stocks built up at local distributors and pharmacies

• Monitoring of national and export sales
Product traceability throughout the distribution chain: from the pharmaceutical firm to the patient
Slide MARKETING • Product positioning management

• Competitive analysis

• Development and implementation of marketing strategies

• Validation of action plans with local teams

• Long-term training related to the products

• Organisation of events with local teams (congresses, symposiums, mini congresses, webinars, etc.)

• Relations with our local Key Opinion Leaders
Slide MEDICAL PROMOTION • Coordination of our local teams by our Commercial Management team

• Monitoring the implementation and development of commercial strategies

• Monitoring team training

• Optimised geographical coverage for each country, with visitors based in the main cities and organising tours.

• Launch and development of Free Units campaigns with local wholesalers

• Optimised stocks (coverage, product shelf life) and possible adjustment strategies
Ensuring responsive, ongoing and effective promotion to generate demand for each product selected
Slide LAUNCH • Launch designed in collaboration with the pharmaceutical firm's Marketing, Commercial and Medical Departments

• Medical and marketing training for local teams related to the products